Note on 2023-01-19: We have reprocessed the public data from the beginning (MJD55046) to MJD59369 with the latest processing version (v. introduced after MJD59370.

MAXI Archive data are released from DARTS at ISAS/JAXA on October 2nd, 2017. Data archive are updated real-time (typical delay 15 minutes), and released from DARTS at ISAS/JAXA, and mirrored to HEASARC at NASA/GSFC. The MAXI archive data are processed and screened using the latest CALDB and auxiliary data. Users do not need screening. When new CALDB is released, archive data are updated. Using MAXI ftools and CALDB, users can analyze data easily ( please see the Analysis page ).

Structure of the MAXI data Archive

All the data are found at Under the obs/ directory, event data are put into a directory of every 1000 days ( MJD5xxxx/), and then each day ( MJDxxxxxx/). The directory of each day has events/ and auxil/ directories, which contain event files and auxiliary files for attitude, orbit, time, ISS data, GSC time data, MKF, HK etc. The directory events/ has 3 directories, gsc_med/ gsc_low/ ssc_med/ for GSC and SSC, for bit rate low/med. Daily events are divided into 768 files, corresponding to each HEALPix region of the all sky.

Data Download

Users usually need MAXI data from a small part of the sky for a limited observation period. You can use mxdownload_wget for that purpose. Please see the Data Analysis page for details.

MAXI Data Products

All-sky maps


Last Modified: 12 September 2023