Optical Navigation Camera

ONC is composed of three framing cameras. One is a telescopic camera (ONC-T), and the others are a wide camera (ONC-W1 and ONC-W2).

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Thermal InfraRed Imager

TIR is a thermal infrared imager to investigate thermophysical properties of C-class near-Earth asteroid.

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Near InfraRed Spectrometer

NIRS3 measures the spectral radiance of reflected sunlight from the asteroid. The spectral coverage is 1.8 to 3.2 µm to detect structural OH ions and H2O molecules.

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LIght Detection And Ranging

LIDAR is a laser altimeter to measure the distance from the asteroid surface. It can measure range from 25 km to 30 m.

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SPICE kernels

Orbit, attitude, and other required ancillary data are archived in SPICE kernels.

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PDS4 bundles

List of datasets compliant with Planetary Data System version 4 (PDS4) data standard.

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