Commandline Options

1. Simulation Engine ("flow_se")

According to the configuration file given as argument, and outputs an XML file for rendering.
format: flow_se [-h][-t <time>][-o <outfile>][<infile>]]

option direction
-h To display a list of options and exit.
-t<time> To ignorethe specified time in the configuration file, and calculate using the time by your order.
-o <outfile> Specify the output file FileExtention(XML). The default is standard output.
<infile> Specifythe input file FileExtention(Lua) The default is standard input.
sample command
$ cat flow.conf | flow_se > out.xml
$ flow_se -t "2010-12-05T22:30:00" -o out.xml flow.conf
Important please input a capital 'T' between date and time.

2. Image Generator ("flow_ig")

Generate the image form XML file that flow_se generate for rendering.
format: flow_ig [-h][-f][-m][-v][-s<scale>][-t<format>][[-x<opts>...][-o<outfile>][<infile>]

option direction
-h To display a list of options and exit.
-f Invert the top and bottom of the FITS file input and output.
-m Outputs the 8-bit grayscale image.
-v The standard error output of the details of the error when loading the XML file.
-s <scale> Be a real number specifying the magnification of the output image.
-t <format> Specify the output image format.
fits:FITS. The same meaning as the fits-imageextension in case of color.
fits-imageextension:Image Extension format.
fits-extension: The same meaning as the fits-imageextension.
fits-rgbcube:RGBCube formatted fits.
If the option is not specified, it automatically detects the image format from the extension of the output file name that is specified in the -o option. If it is not possible to determine will be selected fits-imageextension.
In case of the png or jpeg, you can set the compression level of precision or by specifying a number followed by ":"(colon). If the png is from 1 (maximum compression)to 9(lowest compression) , in the case of jpeg can be specified in the range from 1(low quality) to 100(highest quality).
-x To specify (see below) the execution of other options. You can specify more than one.
-o <outfilet> To specify (see below) the execution of other options. You can specify more than one.
<infile> Specifythe input file FileExtention(XML) The default is standard.
sample command
$ flow_ig -s 2.0 -x ge_disable_light -x wms_exit_on_error -o out.fts out.xml
$ flow_se flow.conf | flow_ig | ds9 -rgbimage -
$ flow_se flow.conf | flow_ig -t jpeg | display -

The output image if the origin of each plane of 8 bit RGB, the FITS format is the lower left corner by default. The output is FITS image format by default, but if the output file name is specified, the output image format will be estimated as follows from its fileextention.

FileExtention Format
fts, fits FITS
png PNG
jpg JPEG

-x option sets the detailed operating conditions of flow_ig. Multiple options are allowed.

Option Direction
ge_wire Draw the wire frame in 3d rendering.
ge_disable_light Draw the no shadow in 3d rendering.
wms_exit_on_error process kill when an error occurs in the image acquisition from WMS.
wms_no_cache Retrieve data from the server definitely, without a cache of wms.
wms_delete_cache Delete the cache files at startup wms.

license and policy

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