Hinotori Data

As of 2019, Plasma electron density/temprature data by IMP/TEL and and solar flare spectral data by SOX are archived.

Plasma electron density with IMP / temperature with TEL

Hinotori Plasma Probes observed the equatorial topside ionosphere measuring electron density and temperature from February 23, 1981 to June 19, 1982 (solar cycle maximum).
HINOTORI Plasma Probe Te, Tn 10-sec average data and software are archived. For more details, please see the read me file.

Data directory

Solar Flare Spectra with SOX

Solar X-ray Spectrometer (SOX) data archiving project is conducted in 2017 - 2019 to retrieve X-ray energy spectra of 28 solar flares. See details here.

Data directory

Last Modified: 15 October 2020