Hinotori Instruments

The solar observation satellite "Hinotori" was equipped with eight devices.

Scientific Instruments

  1. Solar flare X-ray imager (SXT)
  2. Solar soft X-ray bright line spectrum analyzer (SOX)
  3. Solar soft X-ray monitor (HXM)
  4. Solar flare monitor (FLM)
  5. Solar gamma ray monitor (SGR)
  6. Particle ray monitor (PXM)
  7. Plasma electron density measurement instrument (IMP)
  8. Plasma electron temperature measurement instrument (TEL)


  • Solar Flare 5-40 keV X-Rays using Rotating Modulation Collimator Imaging
  • Solar Flare X-Ray Bragg Spectroscopy in 1.7-2.0 A Range
  • Time Profile and Spectra of X-Ray Flares in the 2-20 keV Range
  • Solar Flare Gamma-Ray Detector in 0.2-9.0 MeV Range
  • Electron Flux above 100 keV Particle Detector Monitor
  • Plasma Probes

Last Modified: 15 October 2020