CALET/CGBM data are released in May, 2018. The data are in the FITS format (OGIP standard). A full description of the format of each data file can be found in the CGBM documentation page. If you have any question/concern regarding the CGBM archive data, please send your message to cgbm_arch(at) (please change (at) to @).

Structure of CALET/CGBM data archive

All the data are found at https:/ The directory of each day has auxil/ and monitor/ directories. auxil/ contains auxiliary files for attitude, HK, orbit, time, GTI, etc. monitor/ contains .ph (data of 512 channels every 4 sec) and .th (data of 8 channels every 1/8 sec) for each detector.

CGBM Data Caveats


CALET/CAL CHarge Detector (CHD) count rate data are released in April, 2019 since they are useful for space weather monitoring. A description of the released data can be found at README_CHD_Level1.1.txt.

Last Modified: 22 April 2021