Data ARchives and Transmission System (DARTS) is a multi-disciplinary space science data archive for, e.g., astrophysics, solar physics, solar-terrestrial physics, lunar and planetary science, and microgravity science. Please read "About DARTS".

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Akatsuki's trajecgtory data now on-line

The trajectory plan of JAXAs Venus explorer Akatsuki (Planet-C) was released to the public. Akatsuki is orbiting the Sun after the failure of Venus orbit insertion in 2010, and the next trial of Venus orbit insertion is schedule in December 2015. Scientific data obtained after the arrival at Venus will also be released from DARTS to the public when they become ready. The up-to-date status of the project is found on JAXAs webste. (September 2015)

C3 can now display data in the "Dagik Earh" Web-version

C3 is updated to provide scientific data in the framework of the "Dagik Earth" web version (see the Dagik Earth project page for more details). For example, the figure in the right-hand side indicates global distribution of the locations (epicenters) and depths of foci of the earthquakes between Jan. and March in 2010. Click the figure, launch the Dagik Earth web versionn, and rotate the globe using mouse. In this manner, anyone can now enjoy images of the scientific data outputs more easily. (August 2015)

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