Selected Publications


Yumoto, K. , T. Saito, T. Nakagawa, K.Hirao, I. Aoyama, M. Seto,
Ring-Core Fluxgate Magnetometer Installed on Sakigake. Bulletin of ISAS, special issue 15, p45, 1986 (in Japanese).

Nakagawa, T., K. Yumoto, T. Saito, H. Kimura, and H. Kobayashi,
Evaluation of offset components in SAKIGAKE magnetic field data, Bulletin of ISAS, 93, 1997 (in Japanese).

Hirao, K. and Itoh, T.,
The Sakigake / Suisei Encounter with Comet p/ Halley, Astronomy and Astrophysics, 187, 39, 1987.

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