Welcome to DARTS/Hisaki

We are happy to provide you with the extreme ultraviolet spectra obtained by the exceed onboard the Hisaki satellite. We hope our database will be very useful for your research on planetary magnetospheric and ionospheric physics. Please enjoy!

Rules of the Road (modified in June of 2018)

  1. The EXCEED data sets consist of Level-2 EUV spectrograph data, Level-1 guide camera data, and auxiliary data distributed from ISAS/JAXA Data Archives and Transmission System (DARTS).
  2. Redistribution of the EXCEED data sets and any fraction or the entire part of the data content is prohibited without the specific authorization of the Hisaki EXCEED leads.
  3. Users of the Hisaki EXCEED data should contact Project Manager (PM), Project Scientist (PS), and Data Manager(DM) before using the data for any publications and presentations. PM/PS may suggest potential coauthor(s) from the Hisaki Project side for supporting the user's publications and presentations.
  4. The Hisaki EXCEED science team members and general users need to create a positive atmosphere that strongly discourages misconduct and maximizes science return from the mission. Results from scientific investigations should be published.
  5. Publications that use data from the Hisaki EXCEED should include the following text in the paper acknowledgements.
    "Science data of the Hisaki satellite was obtained from the ISAS/JAXA Data Archives and Transmission System (DARTS). (https://www.darts.isas.jaxa.jp/pub/hisaki/)."
  6. It is the responsibility of the Hisaki EXCEED science team members and general users to make sure that all persons are aware of the Rules of the Road and that they abide by them.

Last Modified: 05 January 2021