The ASE and LSPE Data Files

The ASE data contains those of all the thumper shots at the Apollo 14 and 16 sites and of the three grenade shots at the Apollo 16 site. The LSPE data contains those of the eight explosive packages at the Apollo 17 site. You can download these data in SEG-Y format or as an Excel sheet.

A14 Thumper Shots

A14-ASE-Files 1971.037.18:10~18:37

A16 Thumper & Grenade Shots

A16-ASE-Files 1972.112.20:01~20:15 (Thumber), 1972.144.05:48~06:32 (Grenade)

A17 Explosive Packages

A17-ASE-Files 1972.350.23:48~353.03:07


We appreciate Dr. Matthew Brzostowski, Mr. Adam Brzostowski and Dr. Yosio Nakamura in providing the active seismic observation data and their friendly supports.

Last Modified: 10 June 2024