Original Exabyte Format Data Files

Please download the original Exabyte format data files that you need. The start and the end times of the data on each file are listed in "Catalog of Lunar Seismic Data from Apollo Passive Seismic Experiment on 8-mm Video Cassette (Exabyte) Tapes (UTIG Technical Report No.118)" (Nakamura, 1992), or our 'Exabyte_file_list'.

On the Exabayte file list, filename, MD5checksum and comparison between the descriptions in Technical Report No.118 and the actual file information are listed. The red-letter words on the file list indicate parameters that are different from those given in the Technical Report.

Exabyte File List

Station 11 PSE

A11-PSE-Tape-Files 1969.202.04:39~1969.238.02:30

Station 12 PSE

A12-PSE-Tape-Files 1969.323.14:23~1976.060.23:59

Station 14 PSE

A14-PSE-Tape-Files 1971.036.17:44~1976.60.23:59

Station 15 PSE

A15-PSE-Tape-Files 1971.212.18:52~1976.60.23:59

Station 16 PSE

A16-PSE-Tape-Files 1971.112.20:19~1976.60.23:59

Normal-Bit-Rate Work Tape Files (ALL Stations)

Work-Tape-Files (Normal) 1976.061.00:01~1977.273.18:50

High-Bit-Rate Work Tape Files (Station 17)

Work-Tape-Files (High) 1976.228.08:36~1977.115.00:30

Last Modified: 26 March 2019