Passive Seismic Observation Data

This retrieval system contains all the Passive Seismic Experiment (PSE) data from the Apollo 11, 12, 14, 15 and 16 sites, and the parts of 'Passive Listening Mode' data of LSPE (Lunar Surface Profiling Experiment) and LSG (Lunar Surface Gravimeter) experiment performed at Apollo 17 site. The PSE data from July 21,1969 to Feb. 29, 1976 are copies of PSE tape files on Exabyte tapes, and the PSE data from Mar. 1, 1976 to Sept. 30, 1977 are extracted from the Normal-bit-rate Work Tape files. The archived Passive Listening Mode data of LSPE are digital copies of the High-bit-rate Work Tape files, and the LSG data are extracted from the Normal-bit-rate Work Tape files from Mar. 1, 1976 to Sept. 30, 1977.

These passive seismic observation data are archived in original Exabyte format in this retrieval system. The decoded data are also stored in the relational database system in ASCII format. You can obtain these two types of data on this page.

Data Caverage of Passive Seismic Observation Data
Station Coverage Term (Year/Day of Year(Month/Day))
11 1969/202(7/21)-1969/215(8/3)
12 1969/323(11/19)-1977/273(9/30)
14 1971/036(2/5)-1977/273(9/30)
15 1971/212(7/31)-1977/273(9/30)
16 1972/112(4/21)-1977/273(9/30)
LSPE: 1976/228(8/15)-1977/115(4/25)
LSG: 1976/061(3/1)-1976/227(8/14)

A general description and the operation status of PSE, LSPE and LSG are described in 'The_Description_of_Apollo_Seismic_Experiments'. The characteristics of seismometers used in these experiments are described in 'The_Apollo_Seismometer_Responses'. Please see these documents.

Specification of the Database System

Data extracted digital data from PSE Tape files and Work Tape files archived at ISAS and UT and information on lunar seismic events (event types, event start times and source positions).
DB Server OSCentOS 5.6
DB Size545GiB
Number of Records1.38 billion records

Data Acquisition

Original Exabyte Tape Files

You can download the raw original Exabyte-format data files (PSE Tape files and Work Tape files). The format descriptions of the PSE Tape files and Work Tape files are written in "Catalog of Lunar Seismic Data from Apollo Passive Seismic Experiment on 8-mm Video Cassette (Exabyte) Tapes" (Nakamura,1992). Or see "Exabyte Tape Data Format" on this page.

Original Exabyte Tape Files

Exabyte Tape Data Format

ALSEP Data Viewer

You can quickly look at the data allocation and header information of Exabyte-format data files for each data frame. Please check your decoded and downloaded data and status information in the Exabyte data format files.

ALSEP Data Viewer

Access to Raw Database

If you want to access our database system directly without using the interface, please contact us.

Last Modified: 21 December 2020