ASCII Listing of High Resolution Search Coil Magnetometer Data

This page provides ASCII listings of Geotail MGF high resolution search coil magnetometer data (1/128 sec sampling) for any available intervals through interactive forms.

1. Select date and time interval.

Start Time (HHMM): End Time (HHMM):

The satellite coordinate (SC) system is used for the search coil data.
SC : Z along the satellite spin axis; X-Z plane contains the sun direction.
The Y axis completes the right-handed coordinate system, Y=Z x X (duskward).
The SC system is nearly equal to GSE since the satellite spin axis is almost perpendicular to the ecliptic plane.

The Geotail satellite has two editors onboard: The Editor-A data are only acquired with the real-time operation in Usuda Deep Space Center (UDSC) or Uchinoura Space Center (USC), Japan, while the Editor-B data are continuously recorded in the onboard tape recorders for 24 hours and are dumped to the NASA JPL Deep Space Network (DSN) stations. The search coil magnetometer data is only available for the Editor-A data.

2. If OK, click "Submit" button.

Last Modified: 05 January 2021